• Policy informed by rigorous research
  • Empathy for victims and perpetrators
  • Alignment of government resources
  • Capital investment of new dollars into prevention and re-entry
  • Evaluation of and evolving programming and strategies

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Reform and Reimagine Birmingham Public Safety

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Civilian Review Board


We exist to promote a peaceful Birmingham through equitable and humane means. We will improve the public health of residents, and address the barriers and systems that lead to trauma and all of its effects.


The Office of Peace and Policy is an engine for producing opportunities for transforming the quality of life of residents in neighborhoods across the City of Birmingham.

We are also a convener committed to bringing the best and brightest programs to all of our neighborhoods to promote uplift, re-entry and progress for all.

Peace Principles


Human Rights

Having an elevated quality of life in underserved communities is a human right. Connect with us to learn how you can promote and protect the rights of residents in need.

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Public Health and Trauma

Residents in underserved communities are enduring a public health crisis. The trauma that results from living in substandard communities must be addressed. We need you to help us identify and remove the barriers that have stymied efforts to improve the quality of life in our communities.

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Equitable Public Safety

Public safety and law enforcement must be equitably applied. Join us to learn how you can be empowered, and empower others, to partner to impact your own public safety. Our existence aims to transform procedural justice and elevate community trust.

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Brandon F. Johnson, J.D.

Director Brandon.Johnson@birminghamal.gov

Mosi Makori-Deterville

Deputy Director Mosi.Deterville-Makori@birminghamal.gov